Baby nicaraguan boas one eat one doesn't?

Hello, i have 2 toddler boas that i got a couple weeks ago, the breeder be feeding twice a week hoppers, i hold pinkies and the male eat them like they are going out of style, he have had 6 since i get him and seems extraordinarily happy, the womanly however will not eat, i own their tank at roughly 80 degrees, they are on wood chips, hold a water dish contained by the tank and a hidey log she seem kinda lathargic and not interested at all when i hold out food, any advice would be appreciated, i know that some snakes do a psudo hibernation but i do not know give or take a few these. i have 2 orb pythons and they are good and getting big own had them for in the order of 9 months so i dunno, anyhow any help would be great. gratefulness in finance.
Answers: Is 80 degrees the hottest within the enclosure? They should own a hot spot that's 85 to 90 degrees. Also, bring back them hoppers. Pinkies are way too small, especially if the breeder be feeding hoppers. Just as various snakes won't eat something that's too big, it's not unheard of for a snake to rebuff a meal that's too small. And snakes are solitary, and don't appreciate company, even if it looks close to they're getting along.

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