Bearded dragon not ingestion much?

I have a 7 week hoary bearded dragon. I enjoy everything set up right and follow everything by the book including the temp but he just doesn't come across to eat drastically much. I offer him mixed salad and gut-loaded crickets. He have a peck at his salad and eats more or less 6 crickets once a day. I put 10 contained by the vivarium in the morning but he leaves the rest and doesn't guzzle them till the next morning.

I own tried feeding him twice each day so he could have fresh crickets but afterwards I have 16 crickets not here in nearby and he doesn't go close at hand them till the next morning.

The crickets are 1.5cm are they too big for him at this age? He doesn't seem to be to have a problem ingestion them. He was feed mainly on feast worms at the pet shop could it be he doesn't fancy the crickets?

On averahe how much should a baby of his age guzzle?
I have tried feed him twice daily so he could enjoy fresh crickets but then I hold 16 crickets left contained by there and he doesn't be in motion near them till the subsequent morning.

The crickets are 1.5cm are the
Answers: If he's eating, influential, and pooping, that's good. It's when they stop you can start to wonder what's going on. As long as he's ingestion the crickets, the size should be okay. Make sure your mixed salad is chopped up pretty well and colorful. Stay away from too abundant mealworms. They're like cheeseburgers to ancestors. Also make sure he have plenty of fresh water surrounded by a bowl.
give it partly of what you would one day, consequently full rations for the next two days and so on

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