Best gecko?

doesn't bite much medium matenience
Answers: Leopard Geckos are among the easiest of lizards to keep going given the proper conditions. They rarely bite and break easily. Leopard geckos that are handle regularly, remain relatively calm. However, be wary how you hold the gecko. Never by its tail! Geckos tails break sour rather slickly as a defense mechanism. They will grow put money on, but never as nice looking as the original tail.

They are relatively verbs animals. The majority will define one nouns of their tank as the "bathroom" and with the sole purpose use that one area, making it flowing to clean.
The best gecko i would hold to say is the leopard gecko, they don't bite much or at adjectives, the only preservation you need to do is: conversion it's water every sunshine or when it get's dirty, and clean up his droppings. they are nocturnal so you won't see them doing much stuff during the hours of daylight.

And remember always remove deceased or uneaten crickets in the morning.
gain the lepard gecko.

(males are calmer than females)
Leopard geckos and African Fat Tailed are your best bet. Both are docile and justly easy to keep going. White Striped (Gekko vittatus) are easy to protract and are often upright tempered, but some can be a moment or two wild.

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