Does a savannah monitor lizard enjoy toys he can play near?

or anything he can eat besides crickets? he seem so bored
Answers: As far as toys there really isn't anything, but have structure in the round up is a good article...hide boxes, driftwood, rocks etc, a more crude environment should be conducive to him being more moving.
If he seems listless you may also want to check the conditions in the shut within such as temperature and humidity (temp.@ bask spot can approach 100 degrees F and spatter to the upper 80's thought out the rest of the tank, Humidity should be smaller amount than 50% which is actually pretty jammy to achieve within a screen topped cage). Keep within mind tough that monitors are not the most active lizards to start off with and will not expend alot of vitality aimlessly wandering around their enclosures.
Monitors are completely opportunistic feeders if he's big enough you could nurture him small verbtbrates...mice,rats,fowl, hard boiled eggs, commercil monitor diet and mealworms. Just engineer sure to pre-feed or gutload all his food items and use a soaring quality calcium and vitam supplement ( i use a powdered brand dusted on the crickets like shake and bake).The knob is not to over feed him as heaviness in elder monitors is a common ailment. Also bar him as much as possiable to keep him control, as a larger monitor can be very tricky to handle is unfamiliar to human contact and while your at it if its warm ample out they love soaking up some natural rays.

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