Albino African Claw Frog ?

I'm thinking about getting one, what are a few things I should know nearly them and so on ?

What they Eat

How Much They cost etc.

Please come here and join my yahoo african clawed frog group. ALl the info you will necessitate on caring for them feed them etc... is there. We can answer any question you might have.

Bloodworms are ok to nurture them as an occasional diet like a treat but they hold been agreed to cause a disease call bloat in the acfs. They will guzzle reptomin which isn't expensive at all. If you are getting one as a tot you can feed them the reptomin and also hbh frog and tadpole bites. Once they are full grown they can chomp through feeder guppies, frozen krill, frozen silverside fish and also earthworms. They also like crickets that you can buy at the petstore.

Now almost their tank. If you are just going to have one a 10 gal. container will be great. You will want a filter for at least a 20 gal container as they can be messy. It is better to over filter with them. Most of us hold bare bottom tank because it makes it so much easier to verbs. You will want to have some mode of hiding place for the frog too.

If you ever plan on have more than one it is best to buy the tank and filter for the amount you will own instead of having to hold upgrading. Lots of us have scholarly this lesson the hard approach.

Like I said join my group and cram as much as you need to swot about them.
They usually devour frozen blood worm cubes, or fish and only cost 3-4 dollars

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