Are corn snakes stirring mine isnt it sit mext to a rock?

Answers: dont worry basically turn up the heat and if it does not move its only lazy
Corn snakes are usually influential, but not every corn snake is alike. Your snake is probably lazier or it just like the rock. If he's under it it could be because the temp is too high-ranking and he's trying to get shade.

It could also be the temp is too low and he might be brumating. Are you using an lower than tank heat pad or other heat equipment? If not, then this is probably what is scheduled. Allow it to occur, since it is chunk of a snake's natural process. As soon as spring starts to come, you call for to get some features of heater. He won't digest food right if he have no heat.

If he is consumption, then he is not brumating. If you still don't enjoy a heater, afterwards get a furnace.

Have you been handling him excessively? He could be stressed out from that. Back rotten for a while so he can get subsidise up to speed.

If you just get him, he might still be scared because of his alien home. Give him some time. A week at most.

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