How do you know the sex of a BALL/ROYAL/REGAL Python? It is almost 30inches long & how ancient would be?

Answers: The only sure process to know the sex of a ball python is to grasp it probed by an experienced person (such as a vet who specialises contained by reptiles).

My pythons are about 24 inches long and roughly 6 months out-of-date...the only style to know the correct age is to contact the breeder, or ask the person who you bought the snake from.
If its a sub full-size, or juvenile, you can have him/her probed by a vet to find out, alternatively, enjoy a look at its tail. A female globe python has a short sticky tail whereas the male have a longer slenderer tail, which he uses to grasp the female next to in the mate embrace.

Also have a look at the gluey round scales underneath the cloaca, or vent, if there are several running along the file from the vent, and disperse into the skin scales, you have a boy, if near are only three or four, later you have for a moment girl.

Finally females tend to be thicker set than males.
take it to a vet to be probed and popped and at 30 inches long you talkin possibly 6 -7 months old

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