Bearded dragon won't devour and I'm getting worried?

I have a babyish bearded dragon. When I get him, he was intake a lot. I enjoy been feed him small crickets, small-medium mealworms, and kale. There isn't any sand in his container, just weekly towels, but at the pet store they had repti-sand or something approaching that. At first, he stopped eating mealworms and presently he won't eat crickets. I don't know what to do. Are near any home remedies or anything? I already spent a lot of money surrounded by vet bills on my tortoise that wouldn't eat, so I can't afford to steal this one to the vet. Any suggestions would be great.
Answers: Baby and young beardies do not brumate and shouldn't be allowed to do so.

Mealworms are too lofty in chitin for beardies and can mete out intestinal impactions. Do not use them. Use waxworms or phoenix worms instead.

Kale should rarely be used beside beardies as it is too high contained by oxylates and are bad for the kidneys. Here is a intermingle to an excellent beardie diet site--you need to net some changes.

Also, fleas are a huge problem in beardies--have you have a fecal checked by an experienced reptile vet yet? If not, wishes to be done ASAP!

Also good info here:
manipulate his stomach,rub downward,helps digestion

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