What fruits and vegies can and will agama(not iguana)lizards put away?

i heard that agama lizards munch through fruits and vegies what do they eat,and how do i carry them him eat it?
Answers: Not immensely much information for Agama for food other then bugs, that I could find. I don't know if going to a book store, or order a book online might give more info on the type of fruits/food they can munch through. They are cute little guys/gals.

I read mostly to give them bugs, some sites tabled fruits and veggies but they never said what types, but I did see a site that listed some other information.
They should be feed crickets and waxworms dusted with calcium. Make sure you nurture your crickets well, including carrot, potatoes and oatmeal. Waxworms should only be feed to them once a week as a treat since they are very fattening. Adults should be feed every other day, while juveniles can be feed 2 times daily since they will be growing.

Don't know how true this is, this be the only site that I found that timetabled more then simply bugs.

I have an iguana and I know that in attendance are certain fruits/greens/veggies that they shouldn't drink, so it's great that your trying to do research and get your guy/gal some other choices.
try banana and apple cut to small pieces

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