"I just now get a juvenile green iguana, but he hasnt be drinking could he be stressed from the move?

I'm a first time owner, but i know about the calcium/phosphorus ration 2:1 and that i cant nurture him cabbage, spinach and things like that, he looks to be tough, but im just really worried more or less him. please help me!!
Answers: It could be lately adapting to its' strange home, I've had a few that didn't chomp through awhile after being move. After it settles contained by it will start eatting again. Do you have a UV bedside light and a basking spot? If you don't you necessitate to get them.

Here's some other info if you don't know it already.

They call for:

45% leafy greens such as escarole, dandelions, endive, mustard, and collards, NO lettuces or spinach! They aren't good for him.
45% rugged mixed veggies such as an orange flesh squash the harder the better(acorn,pumpkin,butternut... fresh green beans, fresh peas, parsnip, and green bell pepper, NO broccoli or cauliflower, or avocado!
10% fruit such as figs, papaya, mango, pear, and berries. NO bananas, only unbelievably rarely as a treat.
NO ANIMAL PROTEIN such as bugs, meat, eggs, or cheese!

Cage size:

Minimum length (side to side): 2-3 x
Minimum depth (front to back): 1.5-2 x
Minimum altitude: 1.5-2 x


They need a bask area of 95-100 and everyday temps of 75-85. NO heat rocks!


They requirement a 5.0 UV light.


They should also win baths everyday or so. And should have a sea bowl in their shut within.


You should take Your Iguana for regular vet checkups to produce sure it is in appropriate health. Reptiles can hold internal parasites that can spoil them so you should make sure the vet checks that.

Here are some devout sites, the first one was recomended by my vet.

Yes he can,my nephew have one 6 foot long and if he moves furniture around it gets stressed and won't guzzle

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