Bearded Dragon Help!!?

what temp does a viv need to be for a babe-in-arms beardy it is normaly 85-95 in at hand is that to hot??
Answers: The daytime heat of the tank should be between 80-85° F. Even 90° will do. A light that emits warmth should be placed above one end of the reservoir, providing a temperature drop of going on for 10° cooler on the opposite termination.

Pick a wattage of the bulb to provide the proper temperature in the tank. Under reservoir heaters are useful to considerately raise the overall heat of the tank.

At darkness, the temperature should drop to 70-75° F. When room temperature are below 70° F. at night, use an underneath tank heating system or a ceramic roast emitter. Obviously, at least two thermometers must be surrounded by use to monitor these temperatures, and supervision must be taken to prevent burns to the lizard.

It sounds like your temps are for a time on the high side, but will be fine. It is ALWAYS better to hold it a little stove than cooler.

What you can do to slightly decrease the temps is permit the heat storm lantern be on the rim of the tank on the melt side.

That way it sort of "hangs" [without falling] over the slither allowing some of the heat to be emit outside the tank.

If you enjoy a plastic lid, then simply change to a lower wattage to avoid burning the rim, or starting a fire.
We usually kept our temp between 80 & 85. 95 may be a moment or two too much. Baby bearded dragons are soooo cute by the course

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