Ball Python hunger strike? [please read the details]?

i have an 1 year outdated ball python ~female~ and she hasn't ate surrounded by about 4 weeks... she is more or less 2 and a half foot long. Could this just be a hunger strike or something more serious? if it is a hunger stike how long will this finishing, i try feeding her in the region of every 2 days!
Answers: Ball's only stop drinking if they are stressed out. Make sure you dont handle her for a week or two, also making sure that the temp is 75-85 degree f. in the daylight and 70-75 at night. Also trade name sure he has an below heater mat underneath the area of where on earth he normally eat. Its okay if hes not eating for a couple of weeks, this is common. He will eventually eat. Some ball's own been particular to go in need eating for up to 2 years. Just maintain trying every week, and make sure you hold the rquirments i listed and you should be fine. People should consider themselves blessed if they hold a ball who eat without any problems every week on diary, lol thats me.
Ball Pythons are notorious for hungry strikes of unknown cause. If there are no signs of infection or parasites, I would newly double check your temperature, humidity, photo interval, and hide box situation and proposition different types of suitable prey items. Make sure no loud noises, obvious vibrations, or external stresses are causing it by eliminate them. Keep trying every 3 to 5
days. It's funny 'cause you other hear Balls and Corn Snakes are the greatest beginner snake. I support the Corn Snakes but presume those Balls ought to require a bit more research before bring one home. 9 months is they longest I know of one-sidedly (not mine) that went in need eating, but I infer they may go much longer than that.

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