Bearded Dragon...color?

Why does the bearded dragon that my brother merely got for christmas hold a light colored body, and a threatening tail?
I think it is also constipated close to?

What can we do. I really dont want his Christmas present to die.already.. =\
Help would be greatly appreciated.
Answers: If you're caring for him by warning from a pet store, you're likely doing it wrong. Pet store workers are for the most part severely misinformed just about reptile care.

If you enjoy the compact coil type of UVB, this is dangerous to your beardie. You stipulation a florescent tube UVB.

If they had you to put Calci-sand or Repti-Sand or curshed Walnut as the substrate, these are also risky. He needs to be on a solid substrate such as dissertation towels, non-adhesive shelf liner or tiles. The calci-sand clumps when moist, so if some were accidentally ingested, it would clump inside his intestines, cause impaction (kind of like constipation, but track more severe).

What are his temps and how are you measuring them? His bask spot needs to be around 105F and the cooler side of his container needs to be 75-80F. If he's not thaw out enough, his food won't digest properly, also cause impaction and other health problems.

Lethargy is a sign of lots problems so you need to brand name sure your setup is correct to help your beardie!

Please look in for good concern sheets on how to PROPERLY care for your beardie. Visit the forums for loads of great direction from experienced handlers. They will travel over your husbandry to make sure everything is optimal for the beardie and assistance you with any problems.
be did you get it from, it really doesn't nouns too good, it might be best to contact a specialist vet, after contact the seller. don't want to verbs you but my 9yr old beardy go like that. enjoy you been giving it a vit d calci supplement as this help with bone nouns, the previous owner may not have, in need it its like rickets within humans. try not to have humidity to low eather not below 60% within my own tanks. but best to send for a vet.

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