How big do red claw crabs get?

i just bought a red claw crab and i put it in with my turtle, i figured they both need the same things. but then the crab pinched the turtles foot for no reason, he just walked over and pinched him, unprovoked. the turtle kicked him pretty hard and sent him to the other side of the tank and i was wondering if they could become a threat to each other. the guy at petsmart said the crab could get to be 6 inches but on another website it said 4 cm. and on another it said 2 1/2 in. so how big do they really get and can it hurt my turtle? im planning on putting my turtle in a bigger tank in a few weeks, but can it threaten my crab in that time?
First off, no they should not be together.
They will pick on eachother and pick on eachother. And when the turtle gets bigger he will probably eat the crab.

As for the other question, they get prox. between 1.5-3 inches max. Males usually get bigger then the females

If you got anymore questions go ahead and ask me ^_^

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