Name suggestions please, pet alligator?

I recently rescued an alligator by capture it in a sieve from a trickle pipe after the next door neighbour flushed it down the toilet. It outgrew its reservoir and the neighbour discarded it. It's currently residing in my hip bath, but I'm going to splash out on some more suitable surroundings, sooner rather than next.

I've got a few moniker ideas

wally - (wally gator) - resembling the cartoon, which is very funny.
adie - (like gatorade) - which is more subtle
Lord Englebert peanut brain the third - which is just plain whacky
..or Bretty Goy Pator - a spoonerism

Advice please?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Answers: i do hold a thing for shoes and handbags, you know. no stipulation to name it.

come on those, a thumbs down? you cant tell me that none of you own cow shoes, or a cow jacket? or how roughly speaking a cow sofa?
my suggestion? get psychoanalysis, you need aid

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