A terrifically fuzzy brown caterpiller have lately fall stale my xmas tree. Not really sure what to do beside it.?

Answers: Sounds like you found a wooly take on. They're completely harmless, I play near them all the time. Pick it up kindly (it will curl into a ball) and place it outside in a sheltered nouns. They tend to be found almost everywhere, so their diet isn't so specific that it would die of starvation in your backbone yard. They're also relatively hardy, so if you wanted to hang on to it as a pet, you could. The jar and greens idea works very well. It will turn into a moth after a while, and then you can release the moth into the undomesticated.
The hairy array tend to cause irritation to the skin, so I'd find something that you can measure it up with. Do you know of anywhere contiguous where your type of Xmas trees grow? You could put it near, so it'd have something to nurture on. Simply releasing it into your garden would not guarentee its survival, as there may not food for it to nurture on, there.

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