Can you put a California King and a Flordia King snake contained by duplicate reservoir?

I have a 5' Florida king snake, feminine, and a 5' Speckled California King snake, female, that be given to me. I have a 7' cistern that was handmade and right very soon the Florida King is in it. I be wanting to put the two snakes together if that would be possible. I can't seem to find any information on the web. Anyone know?
Answers: Sure, if you want to lose one of your snakes. And even if they weren't kingsnakes, I'd still say no, a few "accidents" near snakes that aren't "supposed" to be ophiophagus changes your mindset on communal housing actual quick. Unless you're trying to breed your snakes they should adjectives be housed separately.
No, all kingsnakes are cannabilistic and will guzzle other snakes, including kingsnakes. Also, speckled kingsnakes and California kingsnakes are two different species of kingsnake.

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