Afrcian Dwarf Frog Help!?

I have an African Dwarf Frog (ADF) I've have it for quite sometime, but I'm afraid that is to say is too skinny. When I've looked at other pictures of it, they are much plumper (not the bloating disease pics) Also, It has a outsider crab shell in it's aquarium and the gravel. I've notice that it has a rock-hard time swimming up to get the small tablet food. Should I carry a plant so it can help it climb up or swing on once it is at the top? Also, online, it says that they are supposed to be somewhat stirring and can be funny and amusing. My frog is not active at adjectives. Does anyone know what I could do? The aquarium it's in is a candy jar we bought that we never used. I don't know how various gallons it has (probably roughly speaking a gallon) and it also says online that respectively frog should have 2 1/2 gallons. (I Do single have one frog.)
Answers: I would say-so a bigger home for the adf would let it be more stirring. A 10 gal tank near a filter would be idea for him. Put surrounded by some hiding places for him and some plants and I bet you see a big difference in how he act. I do not know what kind of food you are feed him but frozen bloodworms is a good food for them and also hbh frog and tadpole bites. A lot of family have nude bottom tanks for them so it is easier for them to find their food. Or if they own gravel they clear and area and explicitly where they other drop the frogs food. I am a member of this dwarf group and they are adjectives a lot more conversant than I am and can help you near all the question you might have.
your frog is a short time ago scared it have to get used to the spanking new enviorment if it doesnt buy a new one.

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