?sliders and painted turtles?

do they hibernate in captivity. My daughters 3 year behind the times turtle (Not sure which on) in the ultimate month is barly eatting or opening his eyes. Mostly staying at the bottom of the dampen with cranium down.
Answers: Turtles in the windy do and some in captivity the first year i have my red earred slider she did the same item it matters how cold the marine is. The first year i had my turtle her marine was on the cold side but after that i kept it on the furnace side in the winter and she act just close to normal.
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And yes they do hibernate.
They shouldn't as long as they have equal water temp and insubstantial as they have threw out the year. It is most predictable sick .

Hibernation is turned on and off by lantern cycles and water temp so as long as those too things are matching they shouldn't be hibernating.

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