African Clawed Frog swalloed foriegn raise objections!?

Our albino acf is 2 years old, going on for the size of a small cell phone, and very moving. Tonight during feeding I notice that it appears that it has swallowed one of the chalice marble decorations sold for the aquariams..flat on one side, round on the other..does anyone know if I should even attempt to get this to come spinal column seems to be logged within the lower part of the abdm. right above the departed hind leg.(on the tummy side. )
any suggestions? Thank you.
Answers: I don't think you'll know how to remove it without give a hand. If an xray is taken, the vet can see if the marble is still in the stomach or intestinal tract. Endoscopy may know how to remove it if it's in the stomach, but I'm not sure an endoscope would fit down a frogs mouth! If it's surrounded by the intestines, it may pass and except surgery is the only prospect. Pebble or marble substrate is never recommended for the bottom of tanks for this defence. Good luck!

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