Am i doing something rong to my leopard gecko?

I keep a daylight bulb contained by the day and the temp is 90deg. and surrounded by the night i put within a red nightime bulb that keeps the temo at 79 on the hot side. i put 3 crix surrounded by there end night and she at none of them . i lone had her for 4 days and the first time i got her i feed her 5 crix. she is about 1 yr aged. please help thank you. who know maybe you will be my best answer. =)
Answers: Your temperature are perfect if you own a hot side and a cool side so the gecko can choose her own temperature.
Your gecko will simply need to munch through about every other daytime. If she doesn't want to eat when you proposition her some crickets, don't worry almost it. She'll eat when she's hungry. Give her some time to adjust to her surroundings. Keep offering her a couple crickets every other hours of daylight, and she'll eat.
As for socialistic behavior, you can house leos together, providing they are adjectives female and single one male, if any. Males will skirmish with respectively other and can severely injure or even kill respectively other. You don't need a companion for your leo, she'll be only just fine by herself and she won't be lonely. If you want another one, just bring in sure you're not housing two males together.
Good luck with your unsullied pet, and don't worry, you're doing fine.
she may lately be adjusting to her surroundings, don't hysterics. If she doesn't eat for a few days attain a vet to take a look at her. One problem may be is that she could be lonely. Leopard Geckos similar to to live with others and man alone could affect her behavior and her eating traditions. I used to have five surrounded by one cage.

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