In Florida, is killing snakes illegal?

So, don't judge me, cause I like snakes. My parents and I just found a pygmy rattlesnake in our yard, and the wildlife people wouldn't come down to get it. We killed it, because we have pets and kids that run around this neighborhood. I don't know if snakes are considered pests or protected by some kind of wildlife organization, so if someone could tell me if it's legal or not to kill a snake in FL, that'd be great.
In this case, you're most likely fine. A venomous snake posed a threat and in the best interest of you and your family, you disposed of that threat.
It'd be difficult to press charges on that. I doubt you'll get into any legal trouble.
Best of luck.
I kill every one I see,I hate them! Report Me!!
Go killl all the snakes you see. then make nice belts out of them and sell them to me on ebay.
yes in Florida it is illegal to kill snakes, your parents should of called the wildlife game trap
if it's a rattle snake and around the house kill it ,, just make sure to bury it so nothing comes in contact with the fangs
i wish you would have got bit. it would have made a much better story
If you killed a snake on your property, or one that directly and would routinely threaten you or yours, no one will do too much.

They are endangered in most of their range- although I don't know about Florida. Most snakes also have laws protecting non-game animals.

You may want to talk to your local county extension service or herpetological society about other options for removing snakes, and maybe to have someone look at and evaluate your place.

If another one shows up, you can try the tricks listed below to capture it for someone to pick up later.
In Fla, as with everywhere else, it is NOT illegal to kill a venomous snake if:
it posed an immediate threat
has bitten someone or pet or livestock
in a dwelling
acting aggressively.

They would not respond unless it was in the home because of simple mathmatics. If they responded to every snake/wild animal call received, the entire population of Fla would be working for the animal control. They receive thousands of calls everyday.
If a snake, venomous or not, is on your property, leave it alone. It will go its way. NEVER attempt to capture it or harrass it. This could result in a fast trip to the slow wait of your local ER, or worse.
If this is a pest issue, contact a pet store. They will most likely know who will come get it for free, and you'll know the snake is gonna live.
It is illegal to kill or possess both pygmy rattlers & the indigo snake. Both are protected since they are endangered. However, in the case of the rattler, since it posed a threat to persons or pets, you'd be within your rights to protect your family. It's lousy when the people that are supposed to come to your aid don't or won't show up. I'm glad you & your folks & pets are safe & sorry the snake had to be destroyed.

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