My red eared turtle crawled out of the cistern and fell sour the counter and looks similar to he is internally bleeding?

he also has a hole at the top of his shell
Answers: Take it to the vet! It will die! If you dont enjoy one then look one up within the area! Thats catastrophic! I dont know what internal bleeding looks like, but a hole contained by the shell isnt good! Then surrounded by the future get sure it cant crawl out! HAve a screen on top or something!
What does internal bleeding look similar to?

Although minor injuries may occur contained by the form of bruises, burns or scratches, a robust turtle should not have any unexplained bleeding. Forms of bleeding may turn out through the cloaca, eyes, mouth, nose, shell and skin. The presence of blood contained by waste or mouth should motive concern. If there is no apparent cause of the bleeding (e.g., a bite wound), you may stipulation to have a vet do a thorough nouns. Overall, a vet visit is recommended for any anti-infective medication and treatment.

your turtle suffers any sudden trauma such as a nose-dive, drop or animal attack, it will need to be efficiently examined to measure the extent of any injuries. There may be a cracked shell, broken bones or cuts. If it is surrounded by shock or unconscious, do not force your RES to move or wager on into the water. Stop any bleeding and maintain the area verbs to prevent infection. Minor cuts can be treated with Nolvasan cream or Neosporin and dry dock the turtle after applying the medication. If any limb are sensitive, you can suspect that it may be a broken bone. If there is any bleeding around the shell, next you should take your turtle for a vet to examine the extent of the impair.

If another animal, such as a dog or raccoon has bitten your turtle later it must be well cleaned, separated and quarantined from other turtles. If the turtle sustained any injuries, after you should take him to a vet for inspection and possibly antibiotic treatment.
Then appropriate to a vet and fast, you could've used the time you simply wasted logging contained by and typing the problem a lot better, you could've taken him to a vet instead of asking us.

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