How to seize rid of lizard within houses?

Answers: Get a cat.
I know from experience that there is unbelievably little you can do about getting rid of lizards within your house. Even if you were to progress as far as to kill them, more will of late come in. I've tried everything to attain rid of one that lives in our kitchen, but I've very soon come to accept that our house is his home, too. I tried catching him and releasing him down the road...the little maniac come back! It would come across that he is a homing gecko! I've now given up. I know you probably don't resembling them, but on the plus side, they get rid of flies and adjectives manner of wicked insects (dengue and malaria are a problem, where I live) so instead count your blessings!
Nothing works here. i own tried peacock feathers, egg shells and insecticide spray etc. The best possible solution to this is fill up adjectives the cracks etc with plaster of paris etc to not to allow them any place for hidding inside the house.
Why would you want to grasp rid of it? I love lizards and have 4 surrounded by my house :)

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