Ball Python: Which is the best bedding for a bubble python?

I'm getting a ball python soon but don't know which bedding to use.I hear that pet store bought wood chips sometimes have mites surrounded by it(if i do get wood chips could I warmness it up or frezze it to kill adjectives the mites).As well I hear of using paper towels and cloth towels also.Even astro turf(its assured to clean and reusable)but I don't know where on earth to get astro turf.Which is the best one.Also what do you use. Thank you!
Answers: I own had a orb python for about a year and a partially now. I own tried just almost everything, from aquarium rocks, to wood chips, to plastic grass mats, and feel. I DO NOT recommend the wood chips. It can get into the snakes eyes and impose infection. I DO NOT recommend the aquarium rocks either. They are a torment in the butt to verbs and can get VERY stinky. If you can find a soft short plastic grass door mat, (you might try Wal-mart or Target), this works economically to cut to the appropriate size of cage and is jammy to clean near soap and a garden hose. But, be sure you get the short grass and not the high-ceilinged because the short is easier on the snake's belly. However, I think your best bet is next to felt. You can buy this by the courtyard at a craft or fabric store. Just digit out how much you need to cover your shut within and you can buy extra to have on mitt for your next hold cleaning. You probably won't want to try to wash the feel. It will most likely try to tumble apart if you do. Hope this helps. If you entail any more advice, a short time ago email me.
Get aspen bedding from the pet store, they will sell it contained by several different sizes of bags, and at hand will be no mice. You can also use cage hearth rug, which is basically good quality felt objects that is washable and reusable. I'm not a big adherent of astro-turf for reptiles because it's hard to verbs and can be hard on their skin.

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