Bearded Dragon?

Is a Bearded Dragon a good starter lizard? Do they bite? How much do the cost? And their living requirments too.
Answers: They are worthy beginner reptiles (see contact below). They have the potential to bite approaching all animals, but are for the most cut fairly docile.

Here's a caresheet give or take a few them:

And their diet:

They are not the BEST beginner reptile as the enjoy more husbandry requirements than other reptiles, but their temperament is what really puts them on the list.

Their costs are expensive to start, but once their are surrounded by their adult sized paddock, as you must either start beside a 10 gallon and increase tank size as they grow, near a minimum of a 40gallon, or purchase the large container and invest in a sturdy divider.

You can find standard beardies at reptile shows for around 20$, petstores charge around 70-100
yes i breed them they are the best lizard and no never bite and they similar to to bask alot and they like sand and the cistern gota be like 90 100

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