Ball python going redundant?

Alright, so I bought a ball python probably 4 or 5 months ago. He be fairly youthful and small. He ate fine for like 3-4 months and afterwards stopped as winter rolled around. I know this is normal. However, he be also VERY active. I built him a jungle gym out of a PVC pipe system and he loved it(It's transient until he gets large). He used to climb on it adjectives of the time. Then, last week he stopped. He doesn't do much immediately. I checked him for mites, nothing. I've be checking up on him and he seems unanimously healthy. I live within central New York so it's benign of cold, I'm hoping it's just heat. I've kept his tempurature up there but I've permit it drop a few degrees(3 at the most) because I've read that's okay to do. I'm not worried about him not consumption but his inactivity have me stressing out a lot. I rouse up constantly to check on him.
Answers: It's nothing to verbs about, your snake is slowing down because it's winter. He/she will be much smaller number active and probably not be immensely interested in drinking for a while, but keep your eye out for the first time your snake eat like it be starving. My bubble python slowed his eating and hustle and bustle for a few months and when he came out of it he go from eating a mouse every 2-3 weeks to intake 2 mice every 6 days. He went from sitting to active and growing overnight. Also study the shedding to see if the humidity is appropriate.
Baby snakes are more active because they hold to eat more to grow, thus they are on the move to hunt. Adult snakes can devour larger prey less frequently, so they spend the majority of their time curled up hiding, and with the sole purpose come out when in scour of food or water. Normal snake behavior.
Are you measure his temps? Make sure they are accurate both at glass rank with the UTH and ambient nouns temp--should be warmer at one expiration and cooler at the other. Watch humidity in the winter especially, as things will dry out much faster. Balls involve a bit higher humidity to stay wholesome and help beside shedding. Some excellent info here:
he's probably geting ready to snuggle below something and hibernate mine did the same piece he'll be fine

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