Are uros right pets if so could you narrate me how to filch supervision of them and what giving of lighting they nedd?

Answers: we have uro at conservatory and he is great. uros make accurate pets but u will need a big terrarium next to a desert enviorment as they come from a hot climate. Temperature: 100-120 degrees F within a basking nouns. 78-85 degrees F contained by the cooler area.they chomp through veggies and gutloaded crickets. they need a ample cage i recommend a 40 gallon but youn step to a 30 gallon for one individual. a uvb flourescent light is also needed for a uro to thrive contained by a cptive situation. uros live up tp 10 years with devout care but i hold heard some that enjoy lived longer. please don not give sand as a substrate to avoid the risk of impaction and provied saf hide on either side of the cistern. i hope this helps and devout luck if u end up getting one they r really cool little guys
what are uroses?

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