How do you detail if your red eared slider turtle is departed or a short time ago hibernate?!?

what are the signs of it being motionless?does it come out of its shell or somethin?! and if its hibernating,it will move atleast when you poke it right?please abet! red eared slider is not moving (even when i moved into warmer water),its eyes are closed,legs tucked within,floating on water(its not sinking anyway)..and the sides of its shell has become soft!
Answers: Sounds approaching "He's dead JIM"

Turtles will not hibernate if the wet is to warm.
I'd be in motion with unresponsive. The water have to get really cold for them to hibernate and even later they move a bit. My son had 3 that get to be about 7 to 8" across and we kept them surrounded by a kiddy pool in the underground room in the winter next to water temps around 40 degree and they still moved around a bit.

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