Are anoles handelable?

could i like hold one regularly or let it sit on my shoulder minus trouble?
Answers: is your looking a for handleble reptile an anole is not for your. they can be handled but the dont soak up it as much as constrictor snakes, beardies, or other lizards. also if your stress them to easily their tail can come bad very confidently which is another reason why u should avoid handling them if u ask me this is my enumerate of pop lizards that like to be handle regularly.

Blue Tongues Skings

But then again these are some of the most adjectives available around here you shoudl research and see what u can come up with:) Good Luck!
Anoles are not chiefly handleable. They are quite skittish. They squirm surrounded by your hand when you hold them, and as for them sitting on your shoulder... Well, they might for a few second, until they see something move and then they'll dart away. And they can be slightly a pain to entrap.

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