10 gallon container for snake/reptile?

Are there any types of snakes that could with good cheer stay in a 10 gallon container? If not, is there any big-hearted of reptile/amphibian besides green anoler, house gecko, or toad?

Also, I would not be able to nurture the snake mice, frozen or not. I could feed it crickets, fish, or vegatables. mammals are out of the request for information for food.
Answers: The only small ample snake that doesn't eat mice is the Ribbon Snake. These don't find to be too large, one and only around 3' and 10 gallons would be alright. They can eat fish, amphibians, and bugs.

I come up with you can deffinately find a smaller species of salamandar which can live in a 10 gallon, but I can't enunciate I know any in singular so you'll have to do some research.

Leopard geckos also do reasonably well contained by 10 gallon, provided they live on their own. These are probably the easiest lizards to keep. They chomp through crickets, with other bugs as an occasional treat. The bugs must be dusted within calcium and D3 powder, and it will help if you provide a dish beside this powder for it to lick by itself.

Crested geckos are another alternative. They are arboreal, so if your tank is long, it wouldn't be too reorganized. They should be kept one to a 10 gallon tank as economically. They require either a homemade food blend or a retail powder which must be mixed next to water. Unless your blend offer them their protien needs, you'll also hold to feed them crickets.

I'm sure here are many other species of iguanid and gecko that are also suitable for a 10g, but I doubt they differ too vastly from green anoles or house geckos. You can look through some effort sheets to see if you can find any more that interest you here: http://www.repticzone.com/caresheets/ind...
Nope. Ten is reallly small. Get a 20 gallon long, at least. If adjectives you have is a ten, an african dwarf frog will be OK.

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