All together how much would it cost for a setup for a leoperd gecko oh and the gecko i live contained by ca?

Answers: The cost of the Gecko. They need in the order of 10' x 10' for each gecko. Use thesis towels or news daily for the floor. The will do fine in a plastic container you use to put unused food in. (even the disposable ones) You can use an frail butter container for the hide nouns. Get creative for the water dish. The things that cost the most is to nurture them. They need a mineral supplement at adjectives times. $15.00 worth should last 4 to 6 months. You enjoy to feed them everyday or every other hours of daylight. They do well on crickets,wax worms (expensive) and dinnertime worms.
You can get a small fish container, throw rocks in it and put surrounded by a heat light for about $100. The leopard gecko will cost give or take a few $40... all said and done for going on for $150. Leopard gecko's are awesome!!

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