Adoption of a Sulcata Tortoise? ..Any guidance??

My boyfriend's neighbors brought home a baby turtle near them a couple years ago with no information on it. (Stupid newbies to the reptile world I know but suffer with me.)

Ended up self a Sulcata Tortoise. A male. I work at the biggest zoo surrounded by the state, and one of the lead keeper says that because it's a mannish it's going to be extremely hard to place him.

Now I'm positive it's a masculine. He is only a few years mature but quite significant. His shell is approximately the size of a serving platter. He's 20something pounds.

Does anyone know of any rescue league for sulcata's? The family have grown very attached but does not own the room in their house to house him surrounded by the winter or the proper outdoor space for him. They want to be thoroughly involved with anywhere he is placed. They are slightly responsible with him and own taken great care of him so far, especially seeing as they have no clue what they were getting into and raise him from legal 4in. size.

Any planning?
Answers: Where do you live?

Any farmland/ranches near you?

Sometimes private citizens will purloin them in for the modernization of having a huge tortoise "grassland mower". Maybe put an ad within the newspaper or on Craig's List. You can still peak adopters and find him a good place.

Hold on, I'm getting you links.
For this one, scroll down to the second quiz. The whole website looks cool too.

I "searched" for turtle rescues.
A few more come up, but you can do it just as resourcefully as me, and you know what area you're surrounded by. LOL!

Search for tortoise, sulcata, wildlife. Different search criteria may head to more leads on a alien home.

Good luck.
It would help if you mentioned what city/state you live within. I know a plethora of people contained by California that could adopt him.

He isn't going to be that hard to place. There are tons of tortoise fan happy to adopt a generous sulcata. The biggest thing is making sure they own room for a 200 pounder.
Yes please let us know where on earth they are located. I also know of a lot of places here contained by California (Northern California) that he could be placed.

I have a reptile rescue, but I could not bestow him a forever home-
I would just relocate him, I however do know of other rescues that could probably hold him forever.

But again this is in California and I don't know where on earth you are located.

I also am networked near rescues and reptile lovers/owners spread across the US so if you let me know where on earth you are I can send out a bulletin to them and see if within is someone in your nouns who can take him within.

You can e-mail me at
I can hook you up with some Breeders surrounded by Florida that would love to have him. Oh. and near is no legal size on Sulcatas, they do not topple under the 4" rule, singular Aquatic turtles as far as Florida law is concerned. We go them at a little bigger than a silver dollar ( give or take a few 2 months old). They are so cute, BUT we also educate ethnic group on the animals BEFORE we make the public sale. I would rather Not trade name a sale than grant an animal to someone that doesnt know what they are getting into.

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