Any one ever bred Yemen Chameleons formerly?

and does it cost alot sry lol im a cheapo guy lol
Answers: No, I just have one a few years ago. Sorry
To breed any reptile it requires expense and time... unless you are breeding something particularly special then near is very little money to be made if any at adjectives.

You will need two fully developed set-ups for starters. You cannot keep the masculine and female together adjectives year round.

Then you need to hang on to them both fed and income particular attention to the females diet and setup.

Then you will obligation to purchase an incubator to keep the eggs surrounded by and keep them maintain for a few month.

Then! You will need to purchase all the same another enclosure to maintain all the immature ones in and also repay for the additional food.

If you own multiple batches that will hatch near a month or so of each other you will stipulation yet another compound to keep them separate.

Then you requirement to find someone to sell them to to product any money at all.

You inevitability to keep them for 8 week and after continue to nurture them until you sell them.

Considering how lots breeders there are you will stipulation to sell them really cheap anyway.

In short - don't bother if you of late want to make some money.

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