Anyone how to breed two-lined salamanders?

I own a few young two-lined salamanders, when do they achieve sexual maturity and how do you breed/care for the young at heart? any sites will be grealty apreciated even if its not specific to two-lines(but please NO newt sites!)
Answers: I've never dealt next to this species. but best bet would keep you habitat as close to man the same as their crude environment. but from what I'm reading." Eggs are usually laid under wet on the underside of rocks, logs or plants. They hatch into aquatic larva that take 1-3 years to transform into salamanders." dont nouns like the best set of breeders. but would be a dapper process. good luck to you.
Very few family keep this species contained by captivity, and I doubt that they've ever been detainee bred. It is probably very difficult, and there's not much of a marketplace for the babies.

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