Here Snake bit them? if so, how did it feel
Answers: With Ball(Royal) pythons its not really uncomfortable at all, more a mental article then anything, simply your minds response to I was only just bitten. While with corn snakes and others of similar size and type are almost unnoticed as they repeatedly barily penetrate the layer of skin.

Carpet pythons have a fully clad bite though I would not call it bumpy at all really they do tend to draw a bit more blood next Ball pythons will, but they also tend to get a bit bigger, a big Carpet python could cause some stomach-ache though(I was bitten by a 5 to 6 footer). Now next to the blood, tiger, retic, and other large constrictors(really anything over 10 feet) they could end in a good deal of affliction with a bite, because of bite force and sheer strenght of the animal.

With most of your venomous snakes it would depend greatly upon what the toxin was designed to do. Luckily the one and only venomous snake I have be bitten by was a 3 and a partly foot long copperhead(after I checked him for mites and ticks he was released fund into a thicket in the middle of nowhere, I found him lay in the middle of the road). In that armour it was honestly similar to one very hung over beside nausea and a rather bleak head hurting being my primary problems. Other snakes hold different venoms, and incisor size making a bite have heaps factors earlier we take the toxin into consideration, a Gaboon viper with extremly roomy fangs(typically well over 1" within length) while other snakes have extremely small fangs which barily break through skin.

Hope it help some, I have worked within pet shops and kept various breeds of snakes from corn and king, to pythons, and on occation a copperhead or rattlesnake(if they are within poor condition when I find them on roadsides or in populated area's).
It doesn't hurt, honestly. I get bit by a 4 foot ball python, and some impulsive snake some guy brought in. (I used to work at PetSmart.)

It honestly didn't hurt. The lone thing that terrified me was how express it happened.
Yesterday, thankfulness for asking.

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