Are beard dragons angelic for ethnic group who havent have lizards?

I really want a big lizard that doesnt eat meat. Insects are fine. Iguanas win to big... facts??
Answers: I have a beard dragon, and he's so easy to attention to detail for. He eats crickets every sunshine (sometime every few days, depending on his appetite) and he only poops once a week (easy verbs up). He drinks water every 9 days or so, and I save him under a fry lamp for almost 14 hours a day. His body is just about 8 or 9 iches long (not including the tail) and that's as large as he'll receive. You can also feed them berries and lettuce. Good luck!
Bearded dragons are roughly accepted as the best starter lizards alongside geckos. They are to lizards as corns are to snakes.

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