Anyone enjoy woodhouse toads?

I recently caught a bunch of woodhouse toads. They enjoy a low wattage heat lantern, plenty of sand to bury themselves in, fresh hose, and a constant supply of live crickets. Do they hibernate in the winter? None of my sources hold the answer to this question. But profoundly of them seem unbelievably inactive lately, even beside the food crawling around.

If you have woodhouse toads please touch free to give me any information possible, I would similar to to learn as much as I can just about these interesting clumsy little creatures!
Answers: Here's a good conception: let them move about. But if you do insist on keeping these toads here are some pointers:
1.) Don't use sand. Sand will suck the moisture right out of the toads skin. Use top soil that you can find at a garden shop. Make sure it isnt treated with any chemicals or fertilizers. Or you could use petstore brand woodchips resembling "Repti Bark" or anytype of rainforest jungle mix. The bed-a-beast and other brands of expanding substrate work well too. Id suggest the Bed-a creature over all of them.
2.) Never use slap water. Tap hose messes up with their systems bc of the chemicals that are used to treat it. Use bottled spring wet or buy some drops from a pet store that removes the chlorine.
3.) Toads, along with other reptiles and amphibians don't truly hibernate. What they do is call brumation. And yes they do brumate. But your toad will not brumate if you keep them at a clothed temperature. I wouldnt use a oil lamp on the toads bc again, it will dry the air out greatly easier. I'd use a heat mat hooked up to a dimmer switch that road you can control how hot it gets. If its too hot for your mitt to touch then its too hot for the toad. Make sure and use 2-4 inches of substrate that mode the toad can bury itself. You should also mist the cage twice a sunshine to make sure that at hand is adequate moisture contained by the cage. I would also build sure he/she has a wet bowl available at all times near clean river. Add places in the shut within that the toad can get beneath and hide that style he/she also feels in safe hands. For lighting you can use a cheap florescent need for UVA or UVB lighting for these toads. I vote if you keep the hold between 75-80 degrees you will be fine as long as the toad have a place to escape from the heat (place the bake pad on on partially of the cage that approach he can decide to be stove or cooler)

3.) Feeding toads is easy. Whatever insect that will fit surrounded by their mouths is perfect. Limit mealworms and waxworms. The staple should be crickets. I'd buy them from a petstore to product sure they have not come into contact next to lawn fertilzers.

I hope this help. I've kept several species of toads successfully using this method.

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