Bearded dragon?

1. I am getting a bearded dragon soon and be wondering which gender to attain, male or womanly? 2. Also, which one is more gentle? 3. I hold also heard that females can become egg bound is this true?
Answers: Get a masculine! I didn't like the females! They can be for a time nasty! (as surrounded by mean). Oh and if your bearded dragon have not pooped for 2 days you need to put him within your bath tub beside a SHALLOW luke warm river. It will help him walk. I had to do this to mine a few times contained by having him, that's the with the sole purpose reason why I vote it.The male is more lenient and VERY cool! Congrats and have fun, those things rock!
I have a male. he be the best little guy. A great little friend. I miss him. I think males are more soft. yes, females CAN become eggbound. Not that common though.

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