A few question nearly corn snakes...?

My brother wants a pet corn snake. I'll be helping him thieve care supervision of it(he's 8). I've done research, but still have a few questions(some of them are my mother's)

- Do they enjoy an odor/how strong?

- Is it best to get a toddler or an adult?

-Male or feminine?

-What are common robustness problems/how to prevent them?

-What size cage is best?

-What flooring is best for the shut within?

-What else do they eat besides mice(is anything)?

Answers: Not smelly, babe-in-arms is good, sex doesn't event, keep viv verbs temps correct, 20 gallon, wood type substrate, stay away from cedar, only mice you should nurture the snakes.
Hi you double posted... I left an answer within your other post

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