A few question give or take a few corn snakes...?

My brother wants a pet corn snake. I'll be helping him steal care fastidiousness of it(he's 8). I've done research, but still have a few questions(some of them are my mother's)

- Do they own an odor/how strong?

- Is it best to get a kid or an adult?

-Male or feminine?

-What are common strength problems/how to prevent them?

-What size cage is best?

-What flooring is best for the coop?

-What else do they eat besides mice(is anything)?

Answers: This website might own some of what your looking for, I hope.

That is very cool of you to minister to your brother... I really respect that... Corn snakes dont have an oder... There poop however smells pretty desperate... But they only jump once or twice a week... SInce your brother is young, I would walk with an grown... Babies are very fragile. As far as mannish or female... I hold 4 snakes 2 female 2 manly, all of different speices... I prefur the males... It of late depends. Commen problems with corn snakes are respitory infections, and to prevent those they entail to be kept at the right temps and humidity using a "under container heater" and the right size water dish for the size of your paddock... (they will need at LEAST a 20 long when they are full grown but I would step a bit bigger) As far as flooring for your cage... Newspaper! Its so jammy to clean and so cheap too! Corn snakes chomp through rats and mice... I wouldnt reccomend anything else... And if you can... Feed pre killed frozen mice or rats that hold been defrost in reheat TAP WATER... Do not boil them or cook them because their bodies cannot digest cooked anything. As far as more health problems... Just study your temps and your humitidy. and make sure he/she doesnt attain bit by live food and your usually good to know... If you enjoy any other Q's you can always email me.

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