Ball Python...Excessive Soaking.Is this a fruitless sign?

I have 2 globe pythons. One is about 1 1/2 yrs outdated and soaks all the time. It solitary comes out of the bath to chomp through and then go right back within. The other one is about 8 months prehistoric and it has singular been within the water one time that I own seen. I even check on my snakes at darkness and the big one is ALWAYS soaking. Is this a sign that something may be wrong with my snake or
is this typically ordinary of ball pythons. I own onlyhad my snakes for about 5 months so I am still latest at this and I am trying to give them the best prudence possible. **The big one has not shed at adjectives since I've had it, is this a problem? Thanks contained by advance for your abet. And to those who want to be smart and tell me to telephone a vet, save it.
Answers: Snakes tend to soak up to that time they shed or their skin is irritated.

Check it for mites and ticks.
Could be a number of things. the snake could be wanting the humidity. The snake could also enjoy mites. Are there any tiny black motionless bugs floating in the sea?

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