Am I unpardonable for giving away my turtle?

we simply do not have the time or action to care for it anymore, it's around 2 years old. we found it when it be the size of a half dollar. my younger daughter "requests to keep it", but we don't do anything beside it, and what a sad existence to be lonely. we enjoy found a good pet store that will buy her, so why do i quality terrible?
Answers: You're a dutiful person, and that's why you surface terrible. Don't discern bad at adjectives - you did the right thing! Someone will own time to take flawless care of it.

Don't verbs.
Don't feel sickening! Infact i really think you made the right choice of giving it away when you adjectives knew that you guys didnt hold enough time and force to care for it. At most minuscule there is a arbitrariness for it to have a better home when you give it away. =) The reason why you feel terrible is becos you might feel that you could have treated the turtle better. Maybe you feel irresponsible becos of it.

But it's ok now~ Cos you've found a good pet store for the turtle. Lets hope it'll find a owner that have more time with it!!
You grain terrible because you supervision.

You care and that is to say why you are giving your turtle away. You are absolutely not unpardonable for trying to find a home with more time for your turtle. So several pet owners who cannot take supervision of their pets (or give them adequate time and attention) either hold the animal who then suffers or they a short time ago toss it aside to fend for itself.

All pet owners who give up their pets if they cannot bump into it's needs are to be commended.

I know it hurts but you are doing the right entry so try not to beat yourself up going on for it.

On a side note though, try to breed sure the pet store knows what your turtle really requirements. Sadly a lot of pet stores do not know what the proper thoroughness for lots of different reptiles and amphibians is.

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