Ball python dunking skipper underneath hose?

My ball have a little trouble shedding so when he starts going into that cycle i usually soak him for roughly 10 mins a day. Well i be just concerned because whenever i put him within the water he dives right contained by and holds his head beneath thier. After about 15 secs i verbs his upper body out of the water so he doesnt drown himself.

I cant seem to be to find anything online about this. Its not that big of a conern because im not going to consent to him DROWN but i was lately wondering if this is normal and if anyone else have this same issue.

Also, he's fine in his wet dish. I actually saw him drink the other hours of darkness, that was really cool because i've never see any of my snakes drink before.
Answers: I've see my snakes do this on numerous occasions, and it is zilch to worry give or take a few. They can hold their breath much longer than you or I can, I promise. And trust me, it won't drown. All snakes can swim well and know to come up for nouns.
Snakes can hold their breath for quite some time. I recurrently see mine dunk and stay for what seems to me close to much too long. Bubbles sometimes float up and yet...still simply sitting there. The windpipe on these creatures is long plenty that the lung(s) can't possible be filled beside water. Increasing humidity within between sheds should alleviate the shedding problem. Under ideal husbandry the snake should shed contained by one piece unless the skin becomes too stretched against something and is torn.

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