40 gallon container too big??

I was wondering if a 40 gallon container is too big for a baby beard dragon. Is this a good size or should I block it part of a set of it off? Also, what substrate is the best? I hear that reptile carpet is correct but also playsand. I think sand will look better but can beardies become impacted from it? One more piece. Is a 40 gallon tank too big for leopard geckos? Also, what is your belief, leopard geckos or bearded dragons? Thanks!
Answers: the bigger the better i would read aloud, just be paid sure the one area is thaw enough and the other cooler.
some family would say runner is the best substrate others would say CALCI sand.
yes it could return with impacted however i use it and have never have a problem but thats not to say it would never begin.
leopard geckos are easier and cheaper to take keeping of then a beardie
I saw a beard dragon kit that be 20 gallon. Ground walnut shell is one substrate that is recommended. Check beside the pet store to be sure though. Good luck.

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