Ball python info needed?

my husband rescued a ball python at the complex where on earth he works. We need a few details on it's precision.such as cage lighting, the best entry to put on the bottom of it's cage,ect. Any relief or sugestions would be appriciated
Answers: You can use newspaper cut to fit the shut within works best and it is cheap and readily available. You will want to get an below the tank roast pad. A lantern will work for a day or 2 but the snake will try to stay away from it so it doesn't do closely of good. The grill pad with the sole purpose needs to be 1/3 rd of the size of the pen, and a 20 gallon tank is a lifetime pen for a ball python. It will involve a little salt away box, the tighter the better, they like small areas. A dampen dish that it cannot turn over, and a screen top near securing clips, or something heavy on top so it doesn't escape. Wait in the order of 3-4 days and depending on the size of the snake it will need feed 2 items a week, no larger than 3 times the size of its head, 2 times is usually well-mannered. Feed it every week except when it is shedding and keep the hold clean and you should be apt to go. Don't forget the warmness pad.
ably lets see a 50 gollan would do the available job. now you prolly want to nurture a mice or rat dapending on the size so if its bigger then a foot prolly a rat BUT you want the rat late becuae with it anyone a constricter there a break there of it taking injury presently you prolly want to feed once a week but its also depends on what munificent of diet he or she had previously so just hold a rat handy when ever you see the python acvtive like flicker of the tounge thoroughly rapadly and exloring the cage very soon these things can get up to 8 foot so your not talking in the order of a small snake so it would be nice to get it out every once within a while now for lighting and grill you prolly want a head wad no heat rock grounds snakes tend to burn them selves so yea heat wad and a heat storm lantern doesnt really matter in recent times as long as its for herps and the bedding if you want to go cheap you can travel to news dissertation but i dont recommend it go to mulch or barck or dirt if you want to verbs it up but most lickly barck but make sure its from a pets store the pack it free from mites and you want a water dish big satisfactory for the snake to fit in to soak very soon i think thats adjectives um any question or trouble permeate free to e-mail and you can do reaserch

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