Are in that any fish or other river creatures I can put surrounded by my container short my turtle ingestion them?

I have a florida cooter (similar to a slider) and his coop is a little out in the open. He tries to eat everything (even rocks). I tried putting a cupple placostamuses (spelling?) within with him and he ate them. I nurture him enough but he's never full! The simply basking spot he have is a "floating rock (no dry land)" so a hermit crab or any other nouns breathing creature is out of the quesiton. Oh, and what about plants? Is nearby any water plant I should avoid contained by case he bites a bit sour? What about the plastic ones? Thank you adjectives for your help :)
Answers: Make sure that any furnishings you add won't be venomous to the turtle. If you want to add plants, choose plants that are ripe to the turtle since she might try to eat them. Plastic plants are silly since the turtle might eat them. If you join stones, make sure the stones don't enjoy sharp points that might scratch the turtle's shell. Do not use small gravel since the turtle might swallow these small stones, which can mete out some serious complications (intestine bound).

you could put snails in near him, and most plants are safe. you can ask a pet store hand if you have doubts

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