What can u use to repel snakes from around or in ur house? A rat snake got in and ate my kid's hamster.ugh!

I dont know how it got in the house, but is there something you can use to repel them?
if you got a rat snake in your house you have to have a rodent proble around your house.leave the snakes alone if not you will get rodents (rats and mice) but to rid snakes moth ball.place them around the house and seal any holes with seal-a-foam,great stuff for filling holes.
There is a product available , it is called Snake Away. It is a repellent.
the fact is me and snakes dont get a lone girl get you some lime in put around your house this will prevent snakes around your house
sprikle mothballs around the outside of your house and any openings that lead under the house.. mothballs will keep snakes, racoons, possum and skunks away from your house ; )
Move !! God I hate snakes !
A snake that is big enough to eat a hamster, is eating a lot of rats and mice around your house. You should be happy that the rats and mice aren't coming in.
Moth balls are the most effective way to keep snakes away. Sprinkle them around your house and about 2 feet out and that should do the trick.
sharp objects or plants. such as seashells, sharp rocks, thorn bushes or aloe plants.

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