Bearded Dragon feed?

Hi, how many crickets should my 3month ancient baby beardie be ingestion, Ive heard everything from 5-15 a light of day. But my little man will only get through 1 dandylion leaf surrounded by the morning, n just 1 or 2 crickets, some days he wont put away any. But apart from this he seems on form and happy satisfactory, except tonight he seems to hold gone a bit darker, could this be related?
Answers: If he is just about 3 months infirm, he should be eating the pin person in charge crickets.

Is that what you feed him? The crickets should not be bigger than his person in charge [or even the size of]

If he's eating pin head, feed him as abundant as he will eat inside 10 minutes, if he seems approaching he'll keep drinking, cut him off at 50, hang about about 30 minutes, and see if he will shift after a single cricket.

If he does, give him no more than 10-15 more.

His color will swing as he grows

DETAILS: Yes the CAN eat up to 100 crickets day by day, but to have a pleased HEALTHY beardie, he should not being have TOO much protein.
A 3 month old should be consumption 50-100 appropriate sized crickets a day (no bigger than the space between his eyes). If he is not drinking well, he could be full of intestinal parasites--a extremely common problem for these guys. Have a stool token checked by an experienced reptile vet asap. Your guy is barely ingestion enough to survive. The gloomy color could be from stress but they will also darken to absorb warmness. What is his basking temp? It should be 105F. The UVB reptile bulb (a must) should be in 12 inches of the basking spot. No sand or other loose substrate on the bottom of the tank--impactions are a big problem next to these guys--especially babies. Is he getting misted daily and bathed 3 times a week? Check out every thing-- if these things aren't correct, it could explain his poor appetite.
dispense him 5 small size crickets and a leaf of cale respectively day but if u over nurture him he will puke or maybe die DO NOT EXPERIMENT respectively week up the crickets by one when he gets 8 months infirm get him median and make available him 15 when he is 1 then donate him 20 for two days then hold giving that until he is 4-9 then present him 25 for two days and one piece of cale or leafy greens then do that until he get ten then administer him 25 and two leaves of cale but just trademark sure that u watch him dont follow everything i said because i havent see him it really just depends on the size and age but fill his water every daytime and dont forget two feed him but be paid sure that u feed him every time one day crickets "mealworms silkworms etc." and veggies
"carrot that are chopped up and small enough to digest"

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