Are bubble pythons boring??

I really want a ball python, but I'm worried that it'll be totally boring. We it hide adjectives day and never come out or will it come out sometimes a slide around the cistern and then stir back and mask?
Answers: I have one, his designation is Spencer.
I work two jobs and needed a low keeping pet. He is just reliable.
When he is sleeping, I leave him alone.
But surrounded by the early morning or slow at night, I filch him out and we have fun.
He wraps around my wrist or my collar and will run up my hair, down my arms and at times have fallen backbone to sleep while I message.
He has while resting within the selves of my house coat fallen asleep while I be typing on my computer.
I enjoy my bubble python because for me, he is the perfect pet.
I enjoy three Ball Pythons, and they can tend to be boring, but all you hold to do is handle them. If you don't button them then yeah they are going to stay surrounded by their hide out, and sleep adjectives day.

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